ScotStringNZ: Classes

22 - 29 April 2017

ScotString NZ

Slower Fiddle: Participants should already be proficient on their instruments. They should know the notes in first position on all four strings, understand key signatures and time signatures and be able either to learn by ear or read sheet music.

Faster Fiddle: Participants should have a confident command of their instrument and be prepared to focus on traditional technique, bowing and ornamentation. Students are encouraged to learn by ear, although sheet music is available.




Keyboard/Accordion: Players will need either to bring their own instrument or hire one in Auckland. Because this class has only one teacher, players may find themselves in a group with varying levels of ability. Ideally players will be reasonably proficient on their instrument and have an understanding of chords and progressions.

Accompaniment: Cellos, guitars, basses, drums and other accompaniment instruments are welcome. In addition to working with the keyboard classes, we will have band work classes for all participants.